Lovely pair of strapless bras displayed in nude and black

Your Secret Bra


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Strapless Bra

Revolutionary strapless and backless bra for females. This bra contains a self-adhesive silicone lining that attaches to the breast to provide a secure and comfortable fit without those messy straps. Our specifically designed drawstring allow the user to elevate and position the breast to provide that natural all inspiring "V" cut.


 Fit to actual cup size. (We do recommend going a size larger or smaller if you are near you cup size maximum or minimum)

 Ready for action

  •  Clean the chest area with warm water and mild soap.
  • Dry the chest with a towel (avoid oils and powders).
  • Place each pad (with the drawstring loose) over the breast with the nipple being in the middle.
  • With the help of a mirror or a loved one pull the drawstring until your perfect cleavage appears.

Lastly, pull out a sundress, skirt , or shirt and rock out with Your Secret!!!

Wash and Maintain 

Use mild soap and water to clean the outside of the bra. Use how often you like but if self-adhesive begins to lose it's stickiness, it may be time to buy again. (Ask about our customer loyalty programs).