Five reasons why you should wear Polarized Lenses

We all know to wear sunglasses when we want to show off our sense of fashion, but did you know optometrist recommend it. In fact most optometrist recommend wearing polarized sunglasses on a daily basis regardless of the UV index of the day. 

Most people won't  leave their house on a sunny day without sunscreen, but will let their eyes go uncovered. A survey conducted by N3L shows that 85% of Americans believe in wearing eye protection, but less than one third wear sunglasses as directed. 

So, without further due out top five reasons to wear polarized sunglasses. 

  1. Protects your eye, by cutting down glare, which in turn will give you a clearer overall picture.
  2. Prevents eye fatigue, due to less squinting as a result of the polarized lenses.
  3. Protects your eyes during water based activities, such as fishing, boating, jet skiing. (Blocks UV light that is reflected off the water).
  4. Helpful in the prevention of skin cancer. 10% of all cancer is found in the eyes. Long term UV exposure to the eyes can and will cause Cataracts. 
  5. Style. Polarized lenses come in multiple colors and can fit in a wide range of frames, including our bamboo wooden frames.
Any of the reasons above should have you running towards a sunglasses shop, but before you go, check out our unique Handmade Bamboo Wooden Sunglasses for men and women. Add some style and fashion to your life while being safe. We got your back, Cordell and Company, Be Different.